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How To Clean A Mattress

During childhood, it is very common for young children to pee in bed, so it is normal for parents to wonder how to clean a urinated mattress in a simple and effective way.

It is very important to know how to do it correctly. Well, otherwise, stains or, even worse, mites, bacteria, or mildew can appear on the mattress, which creates an unpleasant odor and eventually spoils it.

In the Selling Cheap Mattresses section, we give you some tips to help you learn how to clean your urine mattress and get the best results.

For starters, we leave you one of the quickest solutions. To make it, you only need hydrogen peroxide and bicarbonate of soda. And it’s that simple:

  1. Spread a cup of hydrogen peroxide to the stain.
  2. Put half a glass of baking soda on it.
  3. Let the mixture work for 30 minutes.
  4. After 30 minutes, remove the bicarbonate with a vacuum cleaner.
  5. Let it air dry

And you will see that it disappears. But this is not the end of our advice. Keep reading!

Tips for clearing urine from your mattress

The first thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to clean the mattress right away. If your toddler pees at night, change the sheets and let him sleep. The next day, you can remove the urine.

In this case, bed linen should be washed with a regular detergent. However, if you’re in doubt about how to clean a soaked mattress, the answer isn’t as simple as putting your sheets in the washing machine.

How To Clean A Mattress

Another tip: cleaning a latex mattress, a memory foam mattress, or finally, cleaning a foam mattress are not the same thing. This is why it is best to always use a mattress cover to avoid damaging the mattress.

How to effectively clean your Urinated mattress?

There are various specialized products on the market exclusively dedicated to this type of stain, especially if you are looking for an answer to how to clean a very dirty mattress.

Many specialty cleaning stores offer you different types of products with disinfectant formulas. Air fresheners and odor neutralizers can be used to reduce urine odor.

You can also choose to dry clean or ask the mattress store if they have spray or disinfectant liquids, especially if you still don’t know how to remove dry urine stains, or if you usually need to remove stains from your mattress.

However, if you need other equally effective methods, here are some tips to help you clean your mattress without spending a fortune.

Do you want to discover all the tricks on how to remove pee stains from your mattress? Keep reading!

Home remedies for cleaning urine from mattress

You don’t need to resort to specific foods to stop the urine rush, although if your little one tends to have frequent night-time incontinence, it might be better to incorporate this type of fluids and hygiene items into their cleaning products.

Lifetime remedies work, but products specially formulated for these types of blemishes usually work faster and take less time to work.

So these home remedies that are your solution for cleaning urine stains, what are they? We are going to offer you several options for cleaning your floor mattress.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Let’s start with baking soda. This product is widely used on various surfaces.

In this case, you must mix it in a glass of water. Shake well and pour over the stain. Then cover your mattress with plastic wrap and let the baking soda work for at least 6 hours.

Once this time has passed, vacuum the mattress bicarbonate and spray it with a disinfectant spray. Cleaning your mattress with baking soda will ensure it returns all freshness and cleanliness to it.

Baking soda and vinegar

If you’ve tried this method and it doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, we have two more ways to clean your urine mattress.

The first uses the same method as the previous one, except instead of one cup of baking soda, you should use a cup with 2/5 parts baking soda, 2/5 parts vinegar, and 1/5 part of detergent.

How to stop your child from peeing in bed?

Now that we have learned how to clean the mattress on which you urinated, let’s try to figure out the very essence of the problem. If you’re wondering how to help your little one, the solution is much simpler than it seems.

How To Clean A Mattress

First, don’t make it an obsession because it can create childhood trauma. This problem is much more common than it seems and usually goes away with time.

Secondly, you can buy an alarm system made specifically for this. This gadget makes a slight sound when it gets wet, so if your child is peeing, the device will beep and if it’s not too late they can go to the bathroom. Gradually, your son or daughter will overcome their problem.

Finally, you can try teaching her to control her bladder so they can figure out how to hold urine longer. Also, do not drink water before bed. With empty bowels, you don’t have to urinate.

If all this is not enough, visit a specialist. Maybe your son was forced to pee in bed because of some fear or to get attention.

It is best, though, that you talk to your pediatrician about your problem and he will tell you what is going on. After all, it is she who knows the most about children’s health. You will gradually overcome it!

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