What types of mattresses available in India? Ultimate Guide!

What types of mattresses available in India

In this article, we have tested and compared different types of mattresses to ease the difficult task of choosing the most suitable mattress for you.

Currently, there are many models of mattresses available in India, made from different materials, the main difference is which component is used to make its inner base.

In addition, each type of mattress can be covered with different materials with their own characteristics.

Here we present the five most popular mattress types currently sold the most in the Indian market: foam, spring, memory foam, and latex.

In each link, you will find a detailed description of their characteristics and information about their options, prices, advantages, disadvantages, or the type of audience for which they are recommended.

All of this will allow you to understand the key and deciding factors to consider when choosing the perfect mattress.

Memory Foam Mattress

The viscoelastic material was created for astronauts to withstand the enormous pressures of space takeoff, and mattress manufacturers soon realized its usefulness as a sleep technology.

The memory foam has great adaptability, creating a very pleasant cloudy effect. This material may be somewhat firm at first, but it matches the body very closely in temperature and weight.

The pressure on the contact surface of the body with the mattress is minimal, which ensures a pleasant sleep and avoids tension and pain in the muscles or back.

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This material is also known as memory foam or astronaut foam because it remembers the shape of the body that was resting on the mattress. Memory foam takes a few moments to return to its original shape or to adapt to the body after movement.

Another example of the pressure-relieving properties of a viscoelastic material is its use as a base for operating tables in hospitals because it also promotes blood circulation.


  • Ideal for relieving back pain, joint pain and other orthopedic problems.
  • Ideal for people with circulatory problems.


  • Less sweating than spring models is not recommended for very hot people.
  • High-quality material at a high price

Foam Mattress

Foam mattress is probably the material with the most variety of qualities, strengths, prices and features found in the rest of the sector. Along with springs, foam is one of the classic materials for making mattresses.

Polyurethane foam is the most famous and most used. This type of foam has a huge variety of high quality and durable foams, especially high density foams and especially foams called HR (high resilience).

These foams have many technical names depending on the manufacturer (Bultex, Airvex, Eliocel, Tempur …). One of their main characteristics is their high resistance to subsidence and other deformations, as well as their durability.

When buying a mattress that is made exclusively of foam (without layers of memory foam or latex foam), you must take into account that its density is more than 25 kg / m3. The higher the density, the higher the quality and strength of the mattress.

Another advantage of this material is that it has a wide variety of strengths. The latest generation of this type of mattress also usually includes different firmness zones adapted to each part of the body, which is very interesting in the case of couples with a large difference in complexion and weight.

Finally, the big advantage of foam is its reasonable price compared to other more modern materials such as memory foam or latex.


  • Hygienic and easy-care material
  • Ideal for sleeping on the stomach and on the side
  • Cheaper than other materials


  • It usually gives off an odor that disappears after a couple of weeks.
  • Its thermoregulatory properties are average compared to other materials.

Latex Mattress

Latex is a natural material obtained from the Rubber tree. In addition to natural latex mattresses (85% of this material in the composition), synthetic latex mattresses are also manufactured, which have similar characteristics, but with less elasticity and less support for the body.

Latex mattresses have a high price compared to other materials, but also have great advantages and long service life. The latex mattress is particularly hygienic and resistant to bacteria, therefore it is very suitable for people with allergies. These mattresses are usually of high quality and adaptability to reduce back pain or joint problems

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Another positive point is their durability and stability when properly cared and cleaned. Otherwise, latex mattresses will create moisture problems. For this reason, it is also not recommended to put them on materials that do not promote proper mattress perspiration.

In addition, latex mattresses are very quiet compared to other types of mattresses that make noise when moving, so they prefer a rest without discomfort, deeper and more relaxing.


  • Recommended for allergies of all kinds
  • Ideal for sleeping on the stomach and on the side
  • Good for Back and Muscle Pain problems


  • Heavy material, not recommended for people with reduced mobility
  • Without proper care, latex can cause moisture problems

Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are one of the most recommended options for hot people because they are highly breathable and less heat-retaining. These mattresses have different firmness depending on the layers covering the springs. They generally mold less than foam mattresses.

There are two types of springs are used for the manufacture of mattresses: pocket springs and biconical springs. In the first case, Pocket spring mattresses are made up of hundreds of individual springs.

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And each spring is individually wrapped in a small bag, which provides more independence of the beds so that movements in a part of the bed do not occur on the opposite side.

Bonell or biconical spring mattresses are very similar in their characteristics to pocket spring mattresses. The difference is that these springs are independent, but connected together with steel wire.

One of the important characteristics of spring mattresses is their reasonable price and the fact that there is a suitable type for almost any public. The firmness is generally high, although medium / low firmness springs can be found.

In addition, spring mattresses usually provide good back support in a healthy position, which promotes restful sleep and relieve back pain.


  • Hygienic and breathable
  • Affordable price
  • Material suitable for a wide audience


  • Slightly lower durability than other materials
  • This type of mattress can make noise when old.

Coir Mattress

Coir mattress is a natural fiber mattress made from coconut husk. And a coconut fiber mattress is a bit of a hard mattress. But a coconut fiber mattress provides eco-friendly support and comfort to your body.

The big advantage of coconut fiber is no harm to your body because the coconut fiber mattress is a purely natural material used in this mattress.

Best coir mattress in India

A coconut fiber mattress provides the right comfort and support to reduce your back pain, joint pain, etc. and also keeps your body in alignment with your natural spine.

The coir mattresses provide better air circulation and keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.

There are many benefits of a coir mattress and I will show you all the benefits of a coconut mattress. And I have shared with you which mattress is the best coconut fiber mattress in India.


  • Coir mattress provides better air circulation.
  • A coconut mattress is great for summer and provides cooler sleep.
  • It is also beneficial for your health.
  • Coconut fiber mattress made from natural materials
  • And the coconut fiber mattress provides environmental support.


  • This mattress is a little heavy
  • Not good for hot people


The best type of mattress is the one that best suits each person. To this end, there are a number of specific issues – specific to each type of mattress – and general ones that we must consider and which in general determine the comfort of these products. The most relevant when choosing one or another mattress are:

  • Adaptability: The adaptability of the mattress has to do, above all, with the firmness and softness of the product in question. We can find firmer and softer mattresses, the choice is based on our needs, as well as other general aspects that we will see right away.
  • Temperature: Nobody likes to be cold or hot when they sleep, however, each person’s body is different β€”and many times sleeping covered or uncovered does not influence, but rather the material of the mattresses. Different types of mattresses offer different temperature retention depending on the materials with which they have been manufactured, so the best type of mattress depends on each person.
  • Breathability: Breathability has to do with air circulation. In this sense, you should bear in mind that closed-core mattresses, such as memory foam, latex, or HR foam mattresses are less breathable, and that classic spring mattresses or pocket spring mattresses offer greater breathability. This helps prevent the accumulation of sweat and bad smells.
  • Anti-allergy, and anti-mite: Also known as hypoallergenic mattresses, they offer solutions to people with allergy problems. These mattresses are generally made from natural materials. Now, it is possible to find this property in most of the most modern products.
  • Independent beds: The question of independent beds is one of the most sought after specifications by couples who share a mattress and who have trouble sleeping. The independent beds prevent movements when sleeping from being perceived by the other person since there are two independent areas on the same mattress.
  • Dimensions: Of course, the next of the general characteristics to take into account when choosing the best type of mattress is its dimensions. In this case, they depend on each person.

It is also advisable to take into account if you sleep alone or with someone: there are mattresses that guarantee greater independence when making movements without affecting the rest of the person next to you.

The price range between materials and features is also huge, so it is worth considering how you will use the mattress. For a second residence, or for a guest room, it is not necessary to make such a significant investment. 

Finally, you also have to pay attention to the buyer’s body temperature and even the climate of the place where the mattress is going to be used since there are more or less breathable materials that regulate the temperature in different ways.

I hope you like this information and found helpful if you have any query you can ask by comment.

Thank you for reading.

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