Choosing Dimensions & Mattress Size Chart In India

mattress size chart in india

Before buying a new mattress, it is important to know what its mattress size chart in India. So do you want to know the size of the mattress, I will tell you which size will be best for you and your body?

You find the mattress of every size in the market. And all mattress size have their own name. If you want, you can demand from the company to make the size of the mattress according to you.

Here is the Mattress size:-

Mattress Size Chart In India

Here you can see all the mattress dimensions with Inches. So now you can see how much length and width of each mattress. And all the mattresses size mention below:

Mattress SizesSizes in Inches
Single Size30″W x 72″L
Double Size48″W x 78″L
Queen Size60″W x 78″L
King Size72″W x 78″L

Single Size Mattress Dimension

A lonely person can sleep comfortably without any disturbance. And also most people buy it for children and this mattress is very good for a single person.

This is the normal single size mattress in India and you can also use this mattress size for your guests.

mattress size chart in india

Double Size Mattress Dimension

The Double size mattress is perfect for couples. If you have a small child, you can sleep on this mattress with it. If your room size is large, then this mattress will be good for you.

And most of the Indian hotels are using this mattress size and also it may be good for Indian couples.

mattress size chart in india

Queen Size Mattress Dimension

Queen size mattress is very popular for two persons, if you like to sleep two mates together then this mattress will be very good for you and also comfortable and will give you a good sleep.

And you can also sleep with little child and 2 adults on this mattress sizes.

mattress size chart in india

King Size Mattress Dimension

If you like more space while sleeping, then friends, this mattress will be very good for you, but before buying this mattress keeping in mind the size of your room. Because the King size of the mattress is bigger than others so you need to check the mattress size chart in India.

mattress size chart in india

How To Choose the Right Size Mattress?

There are many factors to choose the mattress size for your bed and we have found some points which help you to select the best mattress size in India. And also you can take help of this Website to create a virtual space room.

If you have thought about mattress size to take, then it is important to know what the size of your room should be, so let’s talk about what should be the size of your room according to that mattress you chose.

According to the mattress size chart in India the room size you have at least mentions below:

Bedroom Size Requirements

Mattress SizesRoom Sizes
Single Size10 x 10 Feet
Double Size10 x 12 Feet
Queen Size12 x 12 Feet
King Size12 x 12 Feet

Family Size

You need to check the requirement, and it depends on how many members will sleep. So family size is essential before purchasing a new mattress.

Mattress SizesMembers can sleep
Single Size1 Adults
Double Size2 Adults
Queen Size2 Adults & 1 Kids
King Size2 Adults & 2 Kids

I hope you like the mattress size chart in India. if you have any query feel free and ask by comment. Thank you for reading this article.

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