7 Benefits of Using Memory Foam Mattress

7 Benefits of Using Memory Foam Mattress

Quality sleep is one of the basic necessities of any human being to live a healthy life and there should be no reason that you do not get your beauty sleep (not even your faulty mattress!). It is a common practice to use a metal coil spring mattress, but this is an obsolete habit that needs to be changed.

Now, we have access to a memory foam mattress, which is an excellent upgrade from the traditional spring mattress that we have been using. There are a lot of benefits of using memory foam mattresses (like temperature control, adapting to body shape & size, lesser allergies, etc.) and you should make a switch to the new technology very soon.

It is more like it provides a customized sleeping experience to the user! Even if you are sleeping with your partner, the movement of your partner will not hamper your sleep at night.

We have listed out several benefits of using a memory foam mattress; the list should be enough to convince you to make the switch! 

Snuggle Feeling

Memory foam can sense your body temperature (it is a highly resilient material) and react to it. It is because of this property, that as soon as you lie down on your bed, it molds to your curve (gives you that snuggly feeling!) and you sleep like a baby through the night. You will not find this body-conforming feature in any other mattress type.

Temperature Control

To sleep better, you need a decreased body temperature at the time of sleeping. In winter, a memory foam mattress keeps the body heat (because of its temperature-sensitive material) and keeps you warm throughout the night. Apart from the temperature-sensitive material, the memory foam mattress also comes with a cooling layer of foam, which regulates temperature and airflow during summer. This keeps your body cool at night and helps you sleep better. Do remember to use only the sheets that enhance the flow of air inside your bed.

Healthy Sleep Pattern

If you have the habit of changing positions frequently while sleeping, and you have trouble getting your REM sleep, then a memory foam mattress can come in very handy. The memory foam mattress will adapt to your body shape, every time you change position; it will cradle you throughout the night irrespective of your frequency of movement in bed. This will automatically lead to you turning less and getting more REM sleep (this is important because it helps in retaining your memory for a long and also helps you process your emotions better).


Memory foam mattresses are durable (these can last for decades); however, before buying a memory foam mattress, you should always check out the mattress’s density, thickness, and firmness (these three factors will determine the longevity of your mattress). You can further increase the life of your mattress by following certain techniques like rotating your mattress 180 degrees every 6 months so that your whole body weight gets evenly distributed and covering your mattress with a mattress protector (you can find many branded mattress protectors for your memory foam mattress)

Supports all Sleeping Positions

You could be sleeping in any position (back, front, sideways, combination, light sleepers, etc.), still the memory foam mattress will help you sleep better. Every sleep pattern needs a specific kind of support and the memory foam mattress can quickly adapt to the kind of support your body needs at night. For example, back sleepers need proper support for the spine so that there is no distance between the bed and your back. Side sleepers can have stiff shoulders if they do not get proper support. Combination sleepers need support from all corners! In short, you should get a memory foam mattress to get up strain and pain-free in the morning! You can check out which mattress will support your sleeping pattern and get the memory foam mattress at a discounted price using coupons & promos from various online stores like the sleep company, amazon, flipkart, pepperfry & more.

Reduces Pain & Discomfort

Memory foam mattresses can ease discomfort & pain from various pressure points like hips, neck, shoulder, etc. in our sleep. If you are suffering from any kind of spinal ailment, then the memory foam mattress provides you with enough lumbar support throughout the night time. You can find a proper alignment between your back and your mattress, find the right position to sleep in, and get rid of any kind of soreness in your back when you get up in the morning. You can check out the best mattress for your back pain and accordingly get one.

Lesser Allergies

Regular mattress comes with coil springs that can store dander, dust, pollen, etc. Asthmatic people are allergic to dust, pollens, etc., and can suffer from different kinds of allergies which are accompanied by ailments like a runny nose, itchy eyes, skin rashes, etc. If you have any kind of allergy or are asthmatic, then you should consider getting a memory foam mattress. Memory foam keeps dust and mites at bay and keeps them away from breeding around the metal coil springs. The memory foam mattress provides the comfort and support that you definitely deserve.

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