Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat Mattress Comparison of 2023

Sleepyhead vs Sleepycat mattress

Today, we’re comparing two popular mattress brands: Sleepyhead vs Sleepycat. Both are well-loved for their comfy mattresses.

Sleepyhead and Sleepycat is the best-selling mattress in India. Choosing the right mattress for a good night’s sleep is important, and we’re here to compare both mattresses.

In this comparison, we’ll look at their features, designs, prices, and more to make your decision easier. ๐Ÿง And it helps you to make a decision on which mattress is perfect for you.

Let’s start by discussing the best mattresses from Wakefit and Sleepyhead. ๐Ÿคจ

Image Product Details   Price
Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat Mattress Comparison of [year] Sleepyhead Warranty:ย 10 Years View On Amazon
Sleepyhead Vs Sleepycat Mattress Comparison of [year] SleepyCat Warranty:ย 10 Years View On Amazon

Here’s a quick comparison between Sleepyhead and Sleepycat. If you don’t have much time, you can easily decide to buy a new mattress online. ๐Ÿ‘‡

Sleepyhead vs Sleepycat-compare
View On AmazonView On Amazon

Difference Between Sleepyhead vs Sleepycat of 2023

We’ll look at each mattress one by one and see which one is more special. So what are you waiting for, let’s explore Sleepyhead and Sleepycat mattresses.

Mattress Design

Sleepycat has added a layer of memory foam to maintain body temperature and keep you cool. The Sleepyhead mattress gives you 3-zone body support to adjust to your body shape for comfortable sleep.

Sleepyhead vs Sleepycat mattresses have unique designs and features. Both mattresses give you a luxurious feel. but it depends on your choice or need. Both mattresses have premium covers.

Sleepyhead vs sleepycat mattress

You can easily shower for better hygiene, and stay healthy and safe from bacteria, viruses, dust, and many more. And it’s similar because the surface color is white and the side color is black.

Sleepyhead Sense provides good Design Comfort to meet luxury. The softness, the cooling technology with the 3 zone support give you a good sleeping experience.

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Features and Materials

Sleepyhead and Sleepycat are made with premium quality materials. And both mattresses have no compromise with the quality. So here is the comparison of features and materials between Sleepyhead vs Sleepycat.


Sleepyhead has used good materials in each mattress to support the body and create a more comfortable feeling. The 3-zone orthopedic support foam not only provides support but also shapes each individual pressure point, keeping your spine in perfect alignment.

Advanced pressure-relieving high-density memory foam forms the middle layer to cushion your body like a cocoon.


Sleepycat mattress is a pressure-relieving mattress that provides good back support and helps conform to your body shape for a good night’s sleep. And an extremely premium handcrafted shell made from high GSM knit fabric for added comfort and flexibility.

The comfortable top layer also helps you and your partner sleep peacefully! Even if your partner decides to turn around, there is no movement and you remain calm!

best mattress for back pain in india

Mattress Price

The prices of Sleepyhead mattresses and Sleepycat mattresses are very different. Sleepycat gives you a layer of Gel memory foam. The gel layer helps regulate temperature to keep you cool.

But Sleepyhead offers PCM (Phase Change Material) technology that absorbs and redistributes your body heat to maintain optimal sleep temperature for a good night’s sleep.

Sleepyhead MattressStart fromMattress Price
Original MattressRs.8,798View on Amazon
Flip MattressRs.6,498View on Amazon
Sense MattressRs.9,998View on Amazon
Laxe MattressRs.11,998View on Amazon
Sleepycat MattressStart fromMattress Price
Original MattressRs.8,249View on Amazon
Ultima MattressRs.11,759View on Amazon
Hybrid Latex MattressRs.11,049View on Amazon
Original Spring MattressRs.9,775View on Amazon

In the price segment, Sleepyhead is a better choice as it offers you many features at an affordable price.

All mattress prices are subject to change in the future. So please check the latest price from this link.

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Here are the warranties for different Sleepyhead and Sleepycat mattresses: ๐Ÿ‘‡

Sleepyhead Warranty Information

Sleepyhead’s warranty period is different for each type of mattress because all mattresses are made from different materials and qualities. Genuine Sleepyhead mattresses have a 10-year warranty.

Mattress CollectionWarranties
Original Mattress10 Years warranty
Flip Mattress5 Years warranty
Sense Mattress10 Years warranty
Laxe Mattress10 Years warranty

Sleepycat Warranty Information

Sleepycat mattresses come with a long warranty period. They offer a 10-year warranty for all their mattresses.

Sleepycat is really confident about its mattress quality, which is why it provides such a long warranty. They want you to sleep comfortably, knowing your mattress is protected.

Original Mattress10 Years warranty
Ultima Mattress10 Years warranty
Hybrid Latex Mattress10 Years warranty
Original Spring Mattress10 Years warranty

If you ever have any problems with your mattress while it’s under warranty, just get in touch with Sleepycat’s team. They’ll help you sort it out.

Please note that warranties can change, so it’s a good idea to check the product page for the most up-to-date warranty information.


In short, Sleepyhead and Sleepycat offer comfortable and quality mattresses but cater to different preferences and needs. Sleepycat impresses with its wide selection of mattresses, suitable for different sleeping styles, while Sleepycat shines with its eco-friendly approach and affordable price.

To make the right choice between Sleepyhead and Sleepycat, consider your specific sleep needs, budget, and environmental concerns. Both brands offer attractive options, ensuring a good night’s sleep for everyone.

I hope you enjoyed this comparison between the Sleepyhead and Sleepycat mattresses. If you have any questions, you can ask them by commenting.

FAQs about Sleepyhead and Sleepycat

What is the main difference between Sleepyhead and Sleepycat mattresses?

The main difference is in their orientation. Sleepyhead offers a variety of mattresses to suit different sleep preferences, while Sleepycat emphasizes eco-friendliness and affordability.

Are Sleepyhead mattresses better for specific sleep positions?

Sleepyhead offers mattresses designed for different sleeping positions, so you can find one that suits your preferred sleeping style.

Do Sleepycat mattresses use eco-friendly materials?

Yes, Sleepycat mattresses are known for using eco-friendly materials and processes, making them a good choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Which brand provides a longer warranty for their mattresses?

Sleepyhead and Sleepycat typically offer warranties on their mattresses, but the length can vary depending on the specific model. It’s best to check the warranty details of each mattress type.

Are these mattresses suitable for people with back pain?

Both Sleepyhead and Sleepycat offer supportive mattresses for people with back pain. Consider a mattress that has the right firmness and support properties for your needs.

Can I buy Sleepyhead and Sleepycat mattresses online?

Yes, you can purchase mattresses from both Sleepyhead and Sleepycat online through their official websites or authorized retailers.

Which brand offers more budget-friendly options?

Sleepycat is generally known for its affordable price, making it a good choice for those on a tight budget. However, Sleepyhead offers a variety of mattresses at various price points to suit different budgets.

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