Centuary Mattress Vs Kurlon Mattress Full Comparison

Centuary Mattress Vs Kurlon Mattress

In this article, I will give you a full comparison of Centuary mattress vs Kurlon mattress. And give you an honest review of both mattresses step by step.

And we cover all the important points to help you find the right choice for good comfort and support. Because the best mattress gives you high quality and durability.

The mattress comparison is a very difficult process it can make you tired which is why I am writing this to make it easier for you.

Here is the best mattress of both brands which are popular in India to buy the online market at the best price and deals.

Image Brands Details   Price
Centuary mattress design Centuary Mattress Warranty: 7 Years View on Amazon
Kurlon mattress design KurlOn Mattress Warranty: 5 Years View on Amazon

Difference Between Centuary Mattress vs Kurlon Mattress

Compare is not an easy task for a new person. So let me help you in the comparison of the Centuary mattress and Kurlon mattress to find the right mattress for you.🙂

Centuary mattress vs kurlon mattress
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Centuary Mattress

Centuary Mattress Vs Kurlon Mattress Full Comparison

Mattress features

  • Used PU Foam
  • Soft Knitted Fabric
  • Use Pocket Spring
  • Warranty: 7 Years

Centuary is a well-known brand that focuses on quality and comfort. They offer different types of mattresses to suit various sleep preferences. Let’s look at the features of Centuary mattresses.

Centuary Mattress Types

  1. Memory Foam Mattresses: These mattresses conform to your body shape, providing excellent pressure relief and support.
  2. Spring Mattresses: Centuary’s spring mattresses have pocketed coils that offer great support and reduce motion transfer.
  3. Orthopedic Mattresses: These mattresses are designed specifically for people with back pain or orthopedic concerns, providing targeted support.

Kurlon Mattress

Centuary Mattress Vs Kurlon Mattress Full Comparison

Mattress features

  • High-Density Foam 
  • Use Bonnell Spring
  • Pu foam on top
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Kurlon is another popular mattress brand with a range of options. Let’s explore the features of Kurlon mattresses.

Kurlon Mattress Types

  1. Foam Mattresses: Kurlon’s foam mattresses are made from high-density foam, providing good support and comfort.
  2. Coir Mattresses: These mattresses are made from natural coconut coir and offer a firmer feel, suitable for those who prefer a harder surface.
  3. Spring Mattresses: Kurlon’s spring mattresses have Bonnell coils that provide support and minimize motion transfer.

Centuary vs Kurlon: Mattress Comparison


Centuary: This latest mattress is designed with independent pocket springs, ensuring zero motion transfer even if your partner is tossing and turning. The Sleepables Pocket Spring Mattress uses advanced spring technology with active edge support and a comfortable PU foam layer and quilt.

Centuary mattress design
Image Source: Centuary

Kurlon: The Kurlon provides you with the grid design mattress and also added the feature of a sidewall around the entire perimeter prevents sagging of the sides. Side fans improve breathability. It is made for maximum support and comfort.

Kurlon bonnell design

View on Amazon

If you ask me then my choice is the Centuary because it looks better than Kurlon mattress. The mattress’s design is a part of the beauty so it totally depends on your choice of what you prefer.


Centuary: The Centuary Sleepables Pocket Spring Mattress uses advanced spring technology with active edge support and a comfortable polyurethane foam cover and quilt.

And use a special type of foam that molds to the shape of the body, thus eliminating pressure points. The durable Centuary mattress maintains its shape so you will sleep well for many years.

Centuary mattress design
Image Source: Centuary

Kurlon: This mattress is made with the High tensile Bonnel spring mattress and Springs encased with Thermo bond felt which ensures the prevention of rupturing of layers of the mattress And gives you the Thick PU foam layer in the mattress to maximize the sleeping surface and provides a comfortable sleep at night.

Kurlon bonnell spring mattress layers

View on Amazon

So which is better? There are only differences between the type of Spring material as you can see in the images which is why Centuary is the better choice most of the features are some like both mattresses are using a surface protection layer to protect from dust, bacteria, fungus, and more.

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The high-quality mattress gives you the best durability for long years with the same comfort. So if you compare Centuary and Kurlon.

Then Centuary is a better choice memory foam mattress that gives you long-lasting comfort. And also the memory foam naturally molds to the shape of your body for a luxurious feel and cradled support.

Mattress Size

Both mattresses give you multiple size options to buy online according to your bed size. So you don’t need to worry about the mattress’s size.

Indian mattress size Kurlon Vs Duroflex mattress

If you want to know more about the mattress size you can also check the best Indian mattress size to get the right size of mattress.

Customer Reviews and Satisfaction

Let’s take a look at what customers say about Centuary and Kurlon mattresses:

Centuary Mattress Reviews:

  • “I love my Centuary memory foam mattress! It’s so comfortable and molds to my body perfectly.”
  • “The support provided by my Centuary spring mattress is excellent. No more backaches!”

Kurlon Mattress Reviews:

  • “I’ve been using my Kurlon foam mattress for a while now, and it’s been great. The support is just right.”
  • “The firmness of my Kurlon coir mattress has improved my sleep quality. Highly recommended!”


Both mattresses come at different price ranges and price is a very important part of a new purchase. The price matters what you pay for quality. So always check the price minimum with maximum features.

Centuary Starting Price
Memory Foam MattressRs.7,560
Spring MattressRs.7,255
Flexi HR MattressRs.8,001
Coir MattressRs.3,697
KurlonStarting Price
Memory Foam MattressRs.10,599
Spring MattressRs.8,190
Dual Comfort MattressRs.6,535
Coir MattressRs.5,460
Bonded foam MattressRs.7,098

The price may change in the future so please check the latest price on Amazon.

Conclusion: Making the Right Choice

When choosing between Centuary and Kurlon, consider your individual preferences and needs. Both brands offer quality mattresses, but Centuary specializes in memory foam and pocketed coil mattresses, while Kurlon offers foam, coir, and spring mattresses.

Think about factors like construction, firmness, support, motion transfer, durability, and your own preferences to make the best decision for your comfortable sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between Centuary and Kurlon mattresses?

Centuary mattresses use memory foam and pocketed coils, while Kurlon offers foam, coir, and spring options.

Which mattress is better for back pain, Centuary or Kurlon?

Both brands have mattresses for back pain. Centuary has orthopedic options, and Kurlon offers supportive foam and coir mattresses.

Are Centuary mattresses good for side sleepers?

Yes, Centuary’s memory foam mattresses can be comfy for side sleepers as they mold to the body’s shape.

Do Kurlon mattresses have a warranty?

Yes, Kurlon mattresses usually come with a warranty. Check the details with the retailer or manufacturer.

Where can I buy Centuary or Kurlon mattresses?

Centuary and Kurlon mattresses are available online and in stores. Visit their official websites or local retailers for more info.

I hope you like this information and found it helpful. If you have any queries you can ask me by comment.

Thank you for reading this article. ❤️

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