Wakefit Vs Duroflex Mattress Comparison | Which is better?

Wakefit vs Duroflex mattress

Today, we have selected the two most popular mattress brands to compare Wakefit and Duroflex mattresses in detail.

In this comparison, we will discuss all the important points like features, design, materials, quality, and more. And this helps us find the right mattress for a comfortable sleep.

So keep reading this article to get complete information about Wakefit and Duroflex mattresses. And I’m sure this comparison will help you choose the best one.

Now, you can see the best mattresses of Wakefit vs Duroflex mattress.

Image Product Details   Price
Wakefit Vs Duroflex Mattress Comparison | Which is better? Wakefit Mattress Warranty: 10 Years Check Price On Amazon
Wakefit Vs Duroflex Mattress Comparison | Which is better? Duroflex Mattress Warranty: 10 Years Check Price On Amazon

What is the difference between Wakefit vs Duroflex Mattress?

Now, we are going to review each mattress to know which mattress is good for you Wakefit or Duroflex. It can be a little hard but It is important to know the best mattress

Wakefit Mattress

Wakefit Vs Duroflex Mattress Comparison | Which is better?

Mattress features

  • Dimensions: (78 x 60 x 6 inches)
  • 7 Pressure Zone Foam
  • Next-Gen Memory Foam
  • Premium fabric cover
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty

Wakefit mattress is very popular on the online market and is also the best-selling product on Amazon. Wakefit is an Indian mattress brand that has been manufacturing mattresses since 2016. It can be said that Wakefit is a new mattress brand in India that has received good reviews and ratings from customers.

Materials and Quality

Wakefit manufactures a variety of mattresses and all mattresses are made of different materials and qualities. In this comparison, we have chosen the very popular Wakefit orthopedic mattress among the Wakefit mattresses.

Everyone has their own needs and requirements for a mattress so you need to check which mattress suits you. Because all mattresses have different sleeping experiences like Memory foam, Spring, XpertGRID, and Latex.


The Wakefit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress has been redesigned to give you targeted relief. This means that it is designed to have different zones that cater to the support needs of different parts of your body, from

In this mattress, Wakefit uses four layers to provide better comfort and support to your body.

  • Breathable Fabric
  • Next-Gen Memory Foam
  • 7 Pressure zone Layer
  • High Resilience Foam


Wakefit mattress comes in multiple size options so you don’t need to worry about your mattress size. You need to know your bed size before buying a mattress.

You can also check the best mattress size in India to know which size is perfect for you.


Its scientifically designed mattress makes users feel well-rested and allows them to wake up active and fit; hence the name “Wakefit”.

Wakefit claims their mattresses are made with a proprietary “open-cell structure” for cool summers, while high-density foam provides extra support.


The Wakefit team believes that quality sleep is a basic need, not a luxury. In addition, Wakefit’s premium quality mattresses are also found efficient and more affordable than their competitors.

WakefitStart fromCheck Price
Memory Foam MattressRs.5,744View On Amazon
XpertGRID MattressRs.9,570View On Amazon
Spring MattressRs.6,868View On Amazon
Dual Comfort MattressRs.4,422View On Amazon
Latex MattressRs.8,415View On Amazon

All mattress prices are subject to change within a few days as prices are not fixed, so please always check for the latest prices.


The Wakefit company providing now 10 Years of Manufacturer Warranty for Wakefit Orthopedic mattresses. It also depends on mattresses.

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  • Stops movement from spreading
  • Helps your spine stay straight
  • Really good quality
  • Worth the money you pay
  • Can help with pain

Not So Good:

  • Doesn’t have gel foam

Duroflex LiveIn Mattress

Wakefit Vs Duroflex Mattress Comparison | Which is better?

Mattress features

  • Dimensions: (78 x 72 x 6 inches)
  • Different Feel for both partners
  • Premium zipped cover
  • Easily interchanging top layers
  • Warranty: 10 years warranty

Duroflex is an Indian company that has been manufacturing mattresses since 1963. Mattresses of this brand are purchased and loved both in India and other countries. Duroflex has over 50 years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers in India.

Materials and Quality

Duroflex has a big collection of mattresses in all segments and the quality of the mattresses is good. Also, Duroflex LiveIn is the latest mattress which is similar to the Wakefit mattress that’s why we are comparing Wakefit vs Duroflex mattresses.

The Duroflex uses high-quality materials to construct the mattress to enhance your comfort and support.


The layers of this mattress respond to the pressure applied to it and adapt to the shape of your body. It relieves pressure and reduces soreness, helping you get a good sleep.

  • Anti-Microbial Fabric
  • Comfort Layer
  • Pressure Relieving Memory Foam layer
  • Body Support Layer

Size and Types

Duroflex also has multiple size options for your beds. You just need to select your bed size when you are going to order.


Duroflex LiveIn is a mattress in rolls packed in a vacuum package that is easy to assemble by hand. This medium-firm mattress is the perfect combination of support and soft comfort. While the memory foam contours to the shape of your body, the resilient foam base enhances support.


The price of Duroflex mattresses varies depending on the type of mattress. If you like memory foam, then it will start at around Rs 9000 for a single size. And you can see that mattress prices are a big difference.

Mattress CollectionMattress Price
LiveIn Memory Foam Check at Amazon
Energise MattressCheck at Amazon
Duropedic Check at Amazon
Natural Living Check at Amazon
Reversible Mattress Check at Amazon

All mattress prices are subject to change within a few days as prices are not fixed, so please always check for the latest prices.


The Warranty of the Duroflex LiveIn memory foam is 10 years and the Duroflex coir mattress provides 7 years.

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  • Very comfy
  • Well-made foam
  • Looks simple and small
  • Comes in different sizes and kinds
  • No trouble if you share with a partner
  • Warranty lasts 10 years

Not So Good:

  • Doesn’t have gel foam
  • Don’t use breathable material

FAQs for Wakefit and Duroflex mattress

What is the Wakefit mattress and how is it different from Duroflex?

Wakefit and Duroflex are two different mattress brands. Wakefit is known for its orthopedic mattresses designed for better back support, while Duroflex offers a variety of mattresses with different comfort levels and materials.

Which brand offers more affordable mattresses, Wakefit or Duroflex?

The affordability of a Wakefit or Duroflex mattress may vary depending on the specific model and size. You should compare prices depending on the type of mattress you are interested in.

Is the Wakefit mattress better at relieving back pain than Duroflex?

Wakefit mattresses are designed with orthopedic features that can provide better back support, making them a popular choice for people with back pain. However, Duroflex also offers mattresses with varying levels of support, so choosing based on your specific needs is essential.

What warranty and trial periods do Wakefit and Duroflex offer?

Wakefit and Duroflex typically offer a warranty period on their mattresses, which may vary depending on the model. They may also offer a trial period so you can try the mattress at home. It’s best to check their official website for the most up-to-date information on warranty and testing.

Do Wakefit and Duroflex offer customization options for their mattresses?

Wakefit and Duroflex may offer customization options for some of their mattress models, allowing you to choose firmness or other features to suit your preferences. See their product listing for more details on customization.

Can I buy Wakefit and Duroflex mattresses online?

Yes, Wakefit and Duroflex mattresses are generally available to buy online through their official website or through authorized retailers.

Which brand is more environmentally friendly, Wakefit or Duroflex?

Both brands may offer eco-friendly mattress options, but the level of sustainability can vary depending on the product. If being environmentally friendly is important to you, look for mattresses that are labeled “eco-friendly” or “organic” in their product descriptions.

What is the delivery process for Wakefit and Duroflex mattresses purchased online?

When you buy a mattress online from Wakefit or Duroflex, they usually deliver it to your door. Delivery may include installation and dismantling of the old mattress, depending on the brand and service.

Our Conclusions

Wakefit and Duroflex mattresses are very good, but depending on the material and design, there are some differences. Comparing mattresses is a difficult process to find the right mattress.

So, after a lot of research, people who are looking for comfortable mattresses should choose the Wakefit brand because their mattresses are made entirely of foam and are very soft.

Duroflex mattresses are manufactured with high quality and good durability. And the Duroflex mattress brand is also very old and has good usage experience. Duroflex mattress is a bit expensive so if you can afford expensive products then you will love it.

Depending on the price of the two types of mattresses, you will notice a big difference, so our first choice is the Wakefit mattress.

I hope you enjoyed this comparison between Wakefit and Duroflex and found some information useful.

Thanks for reading.

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