9 Best Mattresses in India of Nov 2023 – Expert Opinion!

Best Mattress in india 2023

Are you looking for the best mattress in India for yourself without spending a lot of time and money?🤔

Buying a new mattress is not something that you have to decide on price alone, but you have to look at its materials, fabrics, strength, and adaptability🙄

To help you, I have prepared this buying guide in which I explain what details you should look out for before making a decision.

Also, I analyze which mattress is the best for each person and I will show you my selection and comparison of the best mattress in India for 2023 – and I’ve tried a lot.

Most Recommended Mattress Brands in India

You may have already noticed that there are a huge number of brands on the market. Among the most notable are the following:

Best Budget Mattress in India

Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress

It is an Indian mattress brand and best-selling product on the Indian market. The most revolutionary thing about Wakefit is that it is a brand totally committed to health. 👩‍⚕️

In addition, they offer very affordable prices considering the quality of the rest of the products. 💰

By focusing on online sales, they manage to save some middlemen and thus adjust their prices, which, by the way, remain the same all year round, thus betting on a fair price.

Best Comfortable Mattress in India

The Sleep Company Mattress

The Sleep Company is a famous mattress brand committed to providing innovative, high-quality sleep solutions. Their mattresses are designed to accommodate a variety of sleep preferences and address common sleep problems.

Best All-Rounder Mattress in India

Sleepyhead Sense Mattress

This Australasia brand has arrived in India with a very interesting proposal, both in materials and in mattress models.

Sleepyhead products stand out so much because they were able to develop an incredible range of memory foam under their own brand:

  • High-density memory foam, like that of your Bienestar Superior mattress
  • The memory foam Cool Sense (for a cool temperature).

A quick view of the best mattress in India of November

So here is the list of the best mattresses of 2023 to buy on the online market at the best deals and prices 😉.

Image Product Details   Price
cordlessblower Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress Warranty: 10 Years View On Amazon
cordlessblower The Sleep Company SmartGRID Mattress Warranty: 10 Year View On Amazon
cordlessblower Sleepyhead Memory Foam Mattress Warranty: 10 Years View On Amazon
cordlessblower SleepyCat Dual Comfort Mattress Warranty: 10 Year View On Amazon
cordlessblower Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress Warranty: 7 Year View On Amazon
cordlessblower Comforto Hybrid Mattress Warranty: 11 Year View On Amazon
cordlessblower SleepyCat Latex Mattress Warranty: 10 Year View On Amazon
cordlessblower Duroflex Coir Mattress Warranty: 7 Year View On Amazon
cordlessblower Flo Gel Memory Foam Mattress Warranty: 10 Year View On Amazon

The best mattresses in India of 2023

Too! At this point, I am going to explain its features, advantages, disadvantages, recommendations, and more in a simple way. 😊

Taking into account the aspects mentioned above and user experience in terms of the best quality and price, we present 10 alternatives so that you can choose your perfect mattress.

Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • High-quality memory foam
  • Excellent back support
  • Enjoy a restful, deep sleep
  • Warranty: 10 Years

This Wakefit Orthopedic mattress is so highly valued because it has the qualities of a premium mattress and is reasonably affordable, so if you are demanding, but your budget is not very large, you should not miss this opportunity.

It has a Smart Spaces that sets it apart from the rest – the layer of Pressure Zone, which because it contains carbon, not only helps to better dissipate heat but also removes static charge, so that body tension disappears during sleep.

Plus, this material has antibacterial properties, so you won’t have problems with moisture, mites, and allergies. Although the structure of this mattress is quite strong, it adapts to the physiognomy and gives the body more rest.

The memory foam has a high density (one of the highest on the market) which allows it to adapt really well to your body and you feel like you’re in a cloud, although that can also mean less sweating and mobility.

Its outer fabric is made of high-quality fiber and thanks to its properties it allows air to pass through and protects from heat and humidity.

Thanks to its design, it does not need to be reversible and is highly breathable. It can last for years and its price is not bad at all.

Its price is low because it does not require importation, so you will save a few Rupees when buying it and you will get a quality product.

In addition, it is available in other sizes such as a 78 × 72 mattress or a 72 × 36 mattress.

💡 If you want to see a full review and ratings of this mattress, So you need to read this article with Analysis and Opinion about the Wakefit Mattress


  • Quality sleep
  • Support
  • Comfort
  • Value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • Pain relief


  • The white color quickly becomes dirty

The Sleep Company SmartGRID Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • Smart Grid Technology
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Non-Toxic & Hypoallergenic
  • 10 years Warranty

If you can afford to pay for a luxury mattress, then you will want to take The Sleep Company home with you because its quality is worth it.

Everything from the outside to the inside is made with high-quality materials to ensure the best relaxation possible.

Its design is ergonomic and adapts very well to the body, and thanks to SmartGRID, it can help reduce stress on the body, mainly on the back, neck, and shoulders. If you sleep with someone, you can move as much as you want without the other person feeling it.

Thanks to its open cell structure, it is breathable, and because it contains carbon fibers, it can regulate temperature, eliminate static electricity, and keep the surface completely clean as it repels fungi, bacteria, mites, and other irritants that cause allergies.

This mattress intelligently adjusts to your body shape for optimal comfort. In addition, it is also designed to relieve body pain by supporting and aligning the spine at the right points.

Although the price of The Sleep Mattress is not low, it is strong, durable, and most importantly, environmentally friendly, so it has everything you could need. On the other hand, you can get it in mattress sizes.

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  • Uses SmartGRID Technology
  • Orthopedic Design for Enhanced Comfort
  • 6-Inch Thickness for Balance
  • Breathable and Temperature-Neutral
  • Durability for Longevity


  • Higher Price Range
  • Slightly Heavier Weight

Sleepyhead Original Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • High-Density HR Foam 
  • Free 100 Nights Trial
  • Removable & Washable Cover
  • Warranty: 10 Years

If you are a smart shopper who pays attention to detail, you will know that the Sleepyhead mattress is an option worth looking at. In addition to the viscoelastic layers that help relieve muscle and back pain, it has a heat-sensitive property for better rest and ergonomics.

It has a supportive foam base, which makes it breathable and cool, so you don’t get hot even in summer, and if you are sensitive to dust and bacteria, you won’t have to suffer from allergies with this mattress because it is hypoallergenic and non-moldy.

If you frequently suffer from back pain and cannot fall asleep, this mattress can help you to reduce your back problems. Because this is an Orthopedic mattress at the best price.

It has such a good reputation that its materials are of premium quality so that they can provide comfort and support at bedtime, and it allows a casing feeling without sagging.

Its firmness is good, so it is ideal for people of all body types, as it holds the body very well and does not allow the mattress to deform over time.

It allows air to circulate over the entire surface so that heat is dissipated and you can rest all night. It adapts so well to your body that you no longer have to toss and turn in bed to get a good night’s sleep or good posture.

However, if your weight is different from that of your partner, you should not share it, as it can be a little noisy when moving around.

💡 If you want a more detailed analysis of this mattress, you can read our analysis and opinion on the Sleepyhead mattress.


  • Comfort
  • Value for money
  • Quality sleep
  • Support
  • Pain relief


  • It is not reversible

SleepyCat Switch Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • High-density foam
  • High-quality knitted fabric
  • Improved air circulation
  • Warranty: 10 years on product

Although it is a simple mattress, the Sleepycat Switch Mattress lives up to users’ expectations very well in terms of both quality and price.

What makes it basically a good option is its reversible design with one side for winter and the other for summer, so it’s a mattress that can be used all year round.

Its reversible two-sided design means it can be used any time of the year, and its structure is strong and durable yet still comfortable.

Its height is standard but sturdy and durable, so you can rest easy before bed. It has a soft and very comfortable texture that makes you feel like you’re in the clouds, and if you share the bed with your partner, you can move in peace without waking her up.

In terms of health, it is treated against mites, bacteria, and other critters, so if you have allergies or sensitive skin, none of this will disturb your sleep, and since it has a high-density foam, it does not absorb moisture or keep the heat.

If you don’t care too much about luxury finishes and want a mid-priced mattress, then a sleeping mattress is a good option for you. This mattress is available in other sizes.

💡 If you want analysis in more depth on this mattress, then let us know our analysis and opinion of the Sleepycat mattress.


  • Comfort
  • Breathable
  • Support
  • Value for money
  • Reversible
  • Softness


  • Simple finishes

Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • Usable on both sides.
  • High Resilience Foam
  • Breathable Fabric
  • Warranty: 7 years on product

If you are looking for an inexpensive mattress but good quality, you should try the Dual Comfort model from the Wakefit Mattress, which is a good alternative to sleep with your partner as it has a fairly durable HR foam core that can support two adults.

In this sense, its structure has a high density, so it can help you to fully rest, even if you are one of those who move a lot when sleeping or share a mattress with your partner.

It has a medium firmness, which is especially useful if you are heavy or suffer from frequent back pain, as its structure is designed to rest and relax while you sleep.

If you are concerned about heat, you can relax with this mattress, as its materials allow it to breathe and not absorb the temperature of the environment, forcing the air to circulate and preventing the accumulation of moisture and bacteria that produce unpleasant odors.

In addition, both the outer fabric and the core materials are hypoallergenic, which protects against microorganisms and prevents allergies and skin diseases.

This can be an alternative for you if you need medium firmness and good support without being too expensive.

In the same way, as its design is reversible, it is suitable for both winter and summer, so you do not need to spend more money on thermal covers or thermostatic mattresses, just turn it over. As for its price, it is below 10k INR.

💡 If you want a full comparison of the Wakefit to Sleepyhead then, you must read this article with Wakefit vs Sleepyhead mattress Expert Guide!


  • Reversible
  • Good Support
  • Value for money
  • Pain relief
  • Comfort
  • Softness


  • The white color quickly becomes dirty

Comforto Hybrid Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • Highly Supportive Foam
  • Pressure Relieving Foam
  • Pocket Spring Support
  • Warranty: 11 years

If you are looking for a high-quality mattress that is also anti-allergic and has natural ingredients, the Comforto Hybrid spring pocket mattress is a great option for you.

In the same way, it has memory foam padding that provides more comfort and convenience while relaxing. This is the best spring mattress in India at an affordable price range.

It has ViscoFoam to help you reduce pressure points that form in your body, so you can improve circulation and enjoy a wonderfully restful sleep to wake up energized the next day.

It has a triple barrier of hygiene protection that helps fight allergies by keeping irritating mites, fungi, and bacteria out of the way.

This mattress has a lifespan of 11 years thanks to the fact that it is made of the highest quality materials that offer you a wonderful environment for relaxation and restful sleep that will keep you energized when you wake up.

It has very good perspiration, so you don’t have to worry about unpleasant odors associated with moisture concentration. This pocket spring mattress is available in all sizes.

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  • Good value for money
  • Relieves blood pressure
  • Value for money
  • Pain relief
  • Softness


  • It is a little heavy

SleepyCat Latex Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • 100% Natural Latex, Breezy Cover
  • 7 Zone Support Layer
  • Anti-skid Base Fabric
  • Warranty: 10 years on product

You should try the Sleepycat Latex mattress if you really want a high-quality product. It is specially designed for the elderly or people with back, joint, or muscle pain problems.

It is completely made of micro-perforated latex, so it is breathable and very cool even in very hot places. It has a 7-point pressure system and its firmness adapts to the body so that every area is in the correct position.

The outside of this high-quality mattress is covered with SMART zip fabric, while the inner lightweight fabric allows air to circulate between the mattress and prevents bacteria, mites, and allergies.

It is very flexible, and ergonomic, and helps to reduce muscle tension, so if you exercise regularly or have joint problems this is a good option. And includes a removable cotton cover that is breathable, which can make your sleep more comfortable.

It is a premium mattress made from all-natural materials, ideal for people who are allergic to synthetic latex. A combination of latex and high-density foam combined with a modern design provides a great relaxation experience.

The best natural latex mattress has everything you are looking for and more, it is durable, relieves back discomfort and helps relieve muscle tension, and its price is quite affordable.

Natural latex mattresses are a favorite for double beds as they provide better bed independence. So this is the best latex mattress in India and this is an amazing option.

💡 If you want analysis in more depth on this mattress, then let us know our analysis and opinion of the Sleepycat mattress.


  • It is very breathable
  • Affordable price
  • Premium features
  • Relieves back pain
  • Good support


  • It is not reversible

Duroflex Coir Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • High-Density Coir 
  • 5 Zoned Orthopedic Support 
  • Optimum Spinal Alignment
  • Warranty: 7 Years

As mattress experts, we believe that the Duroflex Coir Mattress has one of the best value for money compared to high-end mattresses on the market. Suppose you are looking for the best mattress in India.

Another very important detail is that it has 5 differentiated comfort zones on the firmer side, which increases its ability to adapt to your body shape and avoid excessive pressure while sleeping.

Thanks to the fact that it is made from natural coir, we can consider it a very good product for both our health and the environment, since it has an orthopedic support layer to perfectly align your spine.

You should be aware that the re-bonded high-density foam in this mattress will provide you with unrivaled comfort, and high bed independence and will improve the possible back pain you may have.

The mattress of the latest generation has good breathability, which is beneficial for people who sweat a lot during sleep. It is also ideal for couples as it does not depend on beds.

So Duroflex provides the best mattress coir mattress in India at an affordable price.

💡 If you want to have more information about this mattress, you must read this article with Analysis and Opinion about the Duroflex Mattress


  • Comfort
  • Quality sleep
  • Support
  • Value for money
  • Thickness
  • Pain relief


  • Only blue color available

Flo Ergo Gel Memory Foam Mattress

9 Best Mattresses in India of [mon] [year] - Expert Opinion!

Mattress Features

  • Dimensions: (75x60x6 Inches)
  • Truly Reversible Mattress
  • 3D Airflow Technology
  • Aloe Vera Gel Infused Cover
  • Warranty: 10 years on product

The Flo model is a modern mattress with advanced features and a unique design, but at an affordable price on a limited budget. If you are one of those who look at finishes, then this mattress will appeal to you.

The top layer of the mattress consists of memory foam, which regenerates up to 5 times slower than ordinary memory foam mattresses. The base layer of the mattress is composed of Flo’s responsive foam and is designed with your body weight in mind for optimal spine support.

Flo is a mattress with an excellent price/performance ratio. This is the most economical mattress offered by this brand. So this is the best mattress in India with great features.

Its price is not very low; However, if you are looking for a mattress with a good finish, durability, and a good night’s sleep, then this is exactly what you need.

Although it is a premium model, its price is quite affordable, and since it is a national product you will not have to pay more for the imported mattresses.

The mattress comes with a zip cover filled with aloe vera gel, which is skin-friendly and can be easily washed in the washing machine to maintain mattress hygiene.

Even though it is a reversible mattress, it can reduce surface heat thanks to its internal design, so if you sweat a lot while sleeping, this mattress can help you on a cooler night.

💡 If you want to have more information about this mattress, you must read this article with Analysis and Opinion about the Flo Mattress


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Good breathability
  • Good support
  • Value for money
  • Quality sleep


  • The white color quickly becomes dirty

Buying guide for the best mattress in India

The first thing you should understand is that any of the above mattresses will guarantee you a great rest. 🧎

Now, you just need to judge, based on your tastes and preferences, which one is best for you, as each has its own strengths or others.

Plus, your sleeping style is key to choosing the right mattress. Selecting a mattress is very easy with this buying guide. We’ve started!

If you would like to complete or expand the information in this buying guide, you can do so by reading our article “How to choose a mattress?”


Firmness is quite subjective. For this reason, sometimes you can read very different comments about the firmness of the same mattress: “It is very hard”, “it is very soft for me”, “I am overwhelmed with the feeling of such a trap”, “I love the cloud effect, it’s like floating “…

Firmness directly depends on the density and hardness of the materials in question. Usually, it is measured from 1 to 10, although there are manufacturers who do this from 1 to 6.

We can classify firmness as follows:

Low firmness: Although it is not recommended as it can cause back pain, it is indicated in certain cases in medical prescriptions or for very lightweight people. (It sinks between 3-4 cm).

Medium firmness: This is an excellent grade for weights from 55 to 85 kg. Plus, this is usually the one mattress that most mattresses have because most people like it. (It sinks between 2–3 cm).

High firmness: recommended for overweight people, children, and babies, but with some nuances. The rest of the people are better off avoiding them unless they have an adaptable outer layer. (It sinks 1 cm).

Universal firmness: In this case, the firmness adapts to the body and gradually decreases depending on the weight of the sleeper.

Mattress size

While this point seems overly obvious, we don’t always make the right measurements. Therefore, it is better to make a short overview.

best mattress in india

When choosing a mattress height, keep this in mind:

If you weigh or weigh less than 95 kg each, you can choose the mattress of the desired height.

If, on the other hand, one of the two weighs more than 96 kg, it is better to choose a mattress with a height of at least 25 cm.

As for the length of the mattress, you should only worry if you are a tall person (over 1.85 m). It is recommended that your mattress is 10 cm longer than yours so that your legs do not stick out.

The width of the mattress is usually the measure we consider most before purchasing a new mattress. Just check the size before adding it to your shopping cart.

Choose the material that suits you best

In this section, I am going to explain the most outstanding characteristics, pros, and cons of each material and I am going to focus on the base of the mattress.

In any case, when you have a more or less clear idea of each material, you can understand what function they perform when they behave like a layer and not like a core.

Latex mattresses

We have to distinguish between two types of latex: natural and synthetic. The first is produced from the resin of the tree, and the second is from oil.

Obviously, the more natural latex, the better our mattress. Of course, it always needs to be mixed with synthetic latex, otherwise, it would be in a liquid state.

best mattress in india

When many manufacturers talk about 100% natural latex, they usually mean that they have at least 85% of this material, and the rest will be synthetic.

Do not forget that latex mattresses have a long service life as they are natural and organic materials. In fact, they are the most durable mattresses on the market if they are made primarily of natural latex.

  • Free from mites
  • Excellent adaptability to the body
  • Very flexible
  • Very low breathability, warm feeling
  • They are usually heavy
  • They are not cheap

Foam mattresses

This type of foam mattress, also called foam mattress, is known as such because it consists of a polyurethane foam core.

The rest of the layers can be made of various materials such as memory foam or latex to make the mattress more comfortable.

Foam mattresses are often shipped vacuum-rolled and tend to weigh significantly less than latex mattresses. We can find different qualities in foam mattresses.

  • Affordable prices
  • They come rolled
  • They usually weigh little
  • They are not always flexible
  • Not all foams are good
  • Low breathability

Spring mattresses

The traditional spring, the one you nailed in the back when you came to your grandmother’s house many years ago, has changed a lot. Today there are 3 main types of springs:

Biconical mattresses or Bonell spring mattresses are mattresses that have existed all our lives, but you must remember that today they have improved significantly, and “they are no longer nailed.” Although it is the worst of the three types, it is also the cheapest.

best mattress in india

Continuous wire spring mattresses are made up of a single spring and are best at distributing the sleeper’s weight. In addition, they are quite resistant, firm, and stable.

Pocket box spring mattresses are a favorite for double beds as they provide better bed independence as each spring is individually packaged.

  • The most breathable
  • Very hygienic
  • They do not give heat
  • Wear out before
  • They are not suitable for articulated beds
  • They tend to have high prices

Memory foam mattresses

For starters, you should know that no mattress is 100% memory foam. This material is not firm enough to support the weight of the body on its own in the correct posture.

best mattress in india

For this reason, these mattresses are based on a different material, usually springs or foam. It is located in its outer layer in contact with the body, where viscosity is usually found.

There are different types of viscoelastic materials, with better or worse quality, with higher or lower density, with different thicknesses and effects …

  • They do not exert pressure points.
  • They adapt very well to the body
  • They don’t make noise
  • Light sweating
  • They can give a feeling of warmth
  • The greater the thickness and density, the less mobility

If you would like to know more about how to choose the best memory foam mattress, we recommend that you read our post dedicated exclusively to it.

And if you have any doubts as to which type of bed base is right for your mattress, you can read my recommendations here.

Keep in mind that the wrong bed base made from your mattress materials can last much fewer years.


When we sleep, our body generates heat, and if we are not in a cool place, our sweat can stick to the mattress, causing a very unpleasant experience. Since memory foam layers help can regulate heat and temperature, they are ideal for improving breathability.

In this sense, when choosing one of the memory foam mattresses, you can choose an open structure mattress or breathable fabric of artificial or natural origin, which will allow air to circulate and the mattress will stay fresh.


This may seem minor to you, but if you want a mattress that will last you a long time, you should pay attention to the finish.

A quality mattress can be seen just by looking at it, so pay attention to the seams, closures, cover texture, and frame alignment.

Another important detail that should not be overlooked has to do with mites and bacteria. It is recommended not to put the sheets directly on the mattress, but to use the cover first.

Some mattresses have removable covers that also protect against bacteria, mites, and other creatures. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, you should buy a hypoallergenic mattress protector.

Mattress Warranty

When buying a mattress, it is important to read the manufacturer’s warranty. Not all mattresses come with a warranty, so you must take care of that first.

best mattress in india

If it is at least 2 years old, you make sure that during this period you do not find manufacturing defects.

But it is obvious that the more guarantees, the better. If it offers you a 10-year warranty, that’s practically the life of the mattress.

Likewise, if there is no guarantee for it, it is better to refuse it. Without it, you run the risk of producing defects that will not be compensated in the future.

There is nothing better than proving it

On the other hand, you should also see if the seller offers us trial nights to see if we like the mattress and free returns … These points will greatly help us to buy the right mattress.

Imagine having the opportunity to try a mattress for 100 nights, and if it doesn’t convince you, you return it without obligation and choose a different one. This is the best way to be sure of purchase, right?

A HYPNIA mattress gives you 120 trial nights and is guaranteed a free return. What can you lose? Absolutely nothing. If you would like to have a look at it, click here.

Where to buy a mattress?

As you can imagine, you have the option of doing it online or in a regular store. The advantage is that you can test the mattresses and this ensures greater success, especially if you ask professionals and let them advise you.

Another option is to buy them online. I recommend that you choose brands that have free shipping and returns, trial nights, and good materials. You can save money in online stores, as intermediaries are often avoided.

Our conclusion

One final tip before buying a mattress, since you have seen our list of the 10 best mattresses in India, you are ready to find your perfect mattress.

Remember that in addition to the price, a good mattress must be breathable, fresh, comfortable, adaptable, and provide peace of mind while you sleep.

If you ask me I personally like the “Wakefit mattress” because it is the most affordable mattress in India with great comfort and support. The Wakefit is the best-selling mattress in India and you can choose anyone from the list according to your budget.

Goodbye and see you soon dear user❤️

You have already reached the end of the article! I hope it was made dynamic, but above all practical, and now you know which mattress is the best.

Still in doubt? Get in touch with us explaining your case or … leave us a comment and we will help the following users who visit this article.

Thank you very much🙂

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