Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress – Quick Comparison and Difference

Peps Mattress Vs Sleepwell mattress

If you are confused about the Peps mattress vs Sleepwell mattress. So this mattress comparison helps you to make the right decision.

Both mattress brands making different types of mattresses because every person has their own preferences and requirements when it comes to mattresses.

The mattress comparison is a very difficult process to find the best mattress that will suit your needs and budget. Luckily, Peps and Sleepwell making High-quality mattresses in a variety of price ranges.

In this article, we have discussed the different points of both brands. Like mattress features, design, quality, price, and more. So you just need to read this article completely.

So, which are the best mattress of Peps and Sleepwell? I have mention below the best mattresses of both brands.

Image Product Details   Price
Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress - Quick Comparison and Difference Peps Mattress Color: Red
Warranty: 5 Years
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Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress - Quick Comparison and Difference Sleepwell Mattress Color: Grey
Warranty: 5 Years
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What is the difference between Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress?

1. Peps Mattress

Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress - Quick Comparison and Difference

Mattress features

  • Dimensions: (78 x 72 x 6 inches)
  • Different Feel for both partners
  • Premium zipped cover
  • Easily interchanging top layers
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty

First of all, the mattress brand we are going to talk about. That is Peps mattresses. This company has been manufacturing mattresses since 2005. This company is dominated in the entire market today. Their mattresses are of very high quality, which people use mattresses through them a lot.

Material and Quality: High-quality Latex Foam, Memory Foam, and PU Foam have been used to make Peps Mattresses. The body high GSM viscose connected fabric has been used on top of it. This fabric gives you great comfort. This mattress is made using a micro pocketed unit, which is the best choice if you need a mattress for back pain or a body pan.

Spring Material: Much like Pepes, high-quality Bonnel spring units are used to manufacture all mattresses. This spring is very good which makes your mattress last for a long time as well as provides bouncing and comfortability to your mattress.

Design: All the mattresses made by Peps are of very simple design and are very compact. You get to see different types of designs in this brand.

Size and Type: You get 4 types of mattresses from this brand. In which there is single, double, queen, and family or king. And with this, you also get to see the mattresses of the size you felt.

Features: In all the mattresses of Peps, you get to see many more features like anti-sagging, latex foam, soft knitted fabric, and zero partner disturbance. Which makes it one of the best mattresses brands.

  • More Foam Layer: Many Parker foams are used to make all the mattresses of Peps. Which makes all the matrices of Peps very comfortable.
  • High-spring quality: You get Bonell springs in Peps mattresses. Which makes it bounciness and long-lasting.
  • Anti-sagging and fabric layer: Peps uses anti-sagging springs in its mattresses. Also, a double layer of fabric is used in it.
  • No Partner Disturbance: Whatever material Peps uses in its mattresses. Due to which there is no disturbance to your partner’s sleeping.

Warranty: If you buy mattresses from the company’s official website, then you get a 1-year warranty.

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  • High-quality foam
  • Simple and compact design
  • Bonnell Spring Unit
  • Different sizes and types
  • No sagging and partner disturbance
  • 1-year warranty
  • Low Experience Than Sleepwell Brand
  • In this you do not get breathing material

2. Sleepwell Mattress

Peps Mattress vs Sleepwell Mattress - Quick Comparison and Difference

Mattress features

  • Dimensions: (78 x 72 x 6 inches)
  • Different Feel for both partners
  • Premium zipped cover
  • Easily interchanging top layers
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty

Now let’s talk about the best brands in the mattresses industry. I am talking about the Sleepwell brand. This company has a lot of experience in making mattresses and since time immemorial, it has been making long-lasting and comfortable mattresses for people. Their mattresses are very much liked and used by people.

Material & Quality: All the mattresses of Sleepwell use high-quality PU foam. Which makes it very soft and comfortable. In addition, double-layer quilting is also used in this. Which helps the foam to fit well in the mattresses. This helps in making the mattresses more comfortable.

Foam Material: You do not find any specific springs used in Sleepwell mattresses. But only then high quality and durable foam are used to make these mattresses. So that the foam of your mattresses lasts longer and does not deform quickly.

Design: Different types of side edge designs are seen in all the mattresses of Sleepwell. You also get to see a lot of variety in the design. You can choose according to your own choice.

Size and Type: Sleepwell provides you only 3 types of mattresses. In which there is a single, double, or custom type and in this also you get mattresses of many sizes or you can also make custom mattresses from the brand.

Features: In all these mattresses, you get Comfort Cell Technology, Orthopedic, Enhance Fitness Comfort, Neem Fresche and Extra Firmness, and many more features you get in Sleepwell mattresses.

  • Unique Cell Technology: You get unique cell technology in all the mattresses of Sleepwell. Which gives a lot of relief to your body and back.
  • Design: You get edge wall design in all their beds which is quite different from all other mattress brands.
  • Stitching and Custom Size: The stitching of all the mattresses of Sleepwell Company is very good. Which he can walk for a long time without tearing. Also, if you want custom-size mattresses, then Sleepwell also provides you custom sizes.

Warranty and Service: Sleepwell provides 5 years warranty to its customers and their customer service is also very good.

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  • Memory PU Foam
  • Simple wall edge design
  • Good Quality Springs
  • Double Layer Quilting
  • Orthopedic and Comfort Cell Technology
  • 5 years warranty
  • You don’t find springs in Sleepwell mattresses
  • In this you do not get different foam materials

FAQs for Peps mattress and Sleepwell mattress

Which mattress is best Peps or Sleepwell?

No doubt, the Peps mattress is better than the Sleepwell mattress because Peps use multi-layers in mattresses and has good reviews from happy customers.

Is Peps a good mattress brand?

Peps is the best internal spring mattress company in India, with a range of products that rival the best in the world. Inner Spring’s state-of-the-art 11-acre manufacturing facility in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, with two subsidiary sites in North and West India, is the nerve center of our mission to transform sleep in the country.

Are spring mattresses good?

Yes, the Spring mattress is good for those people who sleep on their stomachs, back and also good for lower back pain. And also used High-density PU foam as the top layer for a soft and comfortable feel to the body.

Our Recommendation

If you want to decide which is the best Peps mattress vs Sleepwell according to my requirement and space. But you are a bit confused about which one is good for me. So let me tell you that both are very good brands in terms of mattresses.

But if you want my suggestion. So I would recommend you to take Sleepwell. Because Sleepwell has more experience in making mattresses from peps.

If you like more comfort then you can go for the Peps brand. But then Sleepwell is my advice. Now you can get the mattress of any of these two brands according to your price range and requirement.

I hope you like this comparison of Peps vs Sleepwell and found helpful information.

Thanks for reading.

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