Wakefit Vs Flo Mattress Full Comparision | Which is better?

Wakefit Vs Flo Mattress

If you are confused to select the best mattress Wakefit vs Flo mattress. Today in this you will get the honestly full comparison and this is an unbiased review.

Both mattress brands have different qualities and features and we will compare the mattress quality, design, durability, materials, price, and rating and reviews.

Wakefit is a popular mattress brand in India and also a best-selling product on Amazon. And the Flo mattress is the latest mattress brand in India with new technology.

If you don’t know which mattress is good for you Wakefit Vs Flo mattress So keep reading here is both mattresses available to check the latest price in India.

Image Product Details   Price
Wakefit 10 Years Warranty Check Price On Amazon
Flo 10 Years Warranty Check Price On Amazon

Here is some important information about Wakefit and Flo mattresses. As you see all the details mention below:


Wakefit vs Flo mattress

Wakefit is the best mattress brand in India and provides two types of mattresses which are called Wakefit Orthopedic and Wakfit dual comfort.


Wakefit vs Flo mattress

Flo is the latest mattress brand in India and also this mattress brand provides two different types of mattresses which are called Flo Ergo and Flo Ortho.

WakeFit MattressFlo Mattress
Foam Type:Memory Foam Memory Foam
Orthopedic Features:YesYes
Color:White White
Dual Side Comfort:YesN/A
Dimensions: 72x36x5 Inches 75x60x6 Inches
Warranty: 10 years 10 years
Free Trial:100 Nights100 Nights
Removable Cover:YesYes
Mattress Size:Multi Size OptionMulti Size Option
Pair Relief:YesYes
Material High Resilience Foam, Breathable Fabric, Cool Foam, Transition Layer, Next-Gen Memory Foam, High GSM spun polyester fabricHigh-Density HR Foam for Orthopedic Support, High GSM Breathable Fabric
Weight 12 kg 21 kg
DeliveryFREE Shipping
Direct from factory
FREE Shipping
Direct from factory
PricesCheck Price Check Price
Ratings 4.7 out of 5 4.3 out of 5

Wakefit Vs Flo Mattress Prices

Wakefit provides good quality mattress at affordable prices with Next Generation Foam.

  • Wakefit Orthopedic: Starting approx Rs. 6300.00
  • Wakefit Dual Comfort: Starting approx Rs. 5000.00

The mattress prices may be increased or decreased from time to time To check latest the prices click on the link. And keep reading the Wakefit vs Flo mattress.

The Flo mattress provides some extra features to increase your comfort level at a great price.

  • Flo Ergo: Starting approx Rs. 10,500.00
  • Flo Ortho: Starting approx Rs. 10,500.00

The mattress prices may be increased or decreased from time to time To check latest the prices click on the link.

Mattress Design

Both mattress brand has premium looks and luxurious design. And it depends on you which type of color you like and what design for your bedroom. If you ask me I like Flo mattress design and Uniqueness.

Review & Ratings

Rating and Reviews are very important for every brand because it shows the authority of the brand and its quality. And people can be identified which mattress provides better service and quality. So let’s talk about the Wakefit vs Flo mattress.

The Wakefit mattress brand authority is really good and most Indian people like to buy the Wakefit mattress above 10k peoples give the 5 stars ratings and reviews. You can also check on the Official site and Amazon.

And the Flo mattress also has good ratings and reviews on online platforms but if you compare it with Wakefit you will find only approx 400 peoples give ratings and reviews maybe because this company is a new mattress brand.

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In this section, both mattresses provide good durability and you can use this mattress for long years without losing quality. But it also depends on you how much you take care of your mattress. So care about your every product to maintain quality.

Wakefit vs Flo mattress there is no brand compromise with the quality and comfort both brands provide durable mattresses.

I hope you like this comparison of Wakefit vs Flo mattresses and get helpful information if you have any queries and questions you can ask by comment below.

Thank you for reading this article

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