SleepX vs Sleepwell Mattress Comparison – Which is better?

SleepX vs sleepwell mattress

In today’s post, we are going to compare the SleepX vs Sleepwell mattress to help you choose one of the best mattresses, the ideal one for your tastes and needs, we have prepared the following comparison.

And we see the similarities and differences between the SleepX mattress compared to the Sleepwell mattress.

Do you know? Sheela Foam Ltd. manufactures mattresses for both companies SleepX and Sleepwell. It means the manufacturer of both the companies is the same.

Now we are going to see the best mattresses of these brands SleepX vs Sleepwell and compare all the features, designs, and more.

Image Product Details   Price
SleepX vs Sleepwell Mattress Comparison - Which is better? SleepX Mattress Color: White
Warranty: 7 Years
Check Price on Amazon
SleepX vs Sleepwell Mattress Comparison - Which is better? Sleepwell Mattress Color: Light Grey
Warranty: 5 Years
Check Price on Amazon

Difference Between SleepX Vs Sleepwell Mattress

Now you can see the detailed analysis of each mattress brand and it helps you to make the right decision for your best mattress.

SleepX Mattress

SleepX vs Sleepwell Mattress Comparison - Which is better?

Mattress features

  • High-quality foam
  • Excellent back support
  • Enjoy a restful, deep sleep
  • Warranty: 7 Years

SleepX is the Sub-brand of Sleepwell mattress and provides a good quality mattress at a competitive price range. According to the SleepX aim to strike the perfect balance between the ever-evolving technologies and the demands of the modern consumer.

Type of mattress

SleepX makes many types of mattresses to complete your need and requirements because everyone has different preferences and needs.

Dual Comfort Mattress

These kinds of mattresses are usable on both sides surface of the mattress. It means you can change your mattress side for getting a different sleeping experience.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattresses are specially made for reducing back pain, joint pain, neck pain, etc. This kind of mattress adapts your body according to your weight and height.

Mattress Design

SleepX has many types of mattresses but when you look at those designs you will find all designs is similar. When you look at this mattress is also similar to Sleepwell GenX Mattress.

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Features & Materials

This mattress comes with a soft knit fabric and resilience foam that relieves pressure points. Exclusive Neem Fresche technology provides a clean and healthy environment.

The firm surface gives you superior body support. The softer side gives you extra comfort for deep sleep. The Airmesh fabric favors comfort and better air circulation.

SleepX vs Sleepwell Mattress

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Mattress Size

The SleepX gives you multiple size options for your bed. If you don’t know the standard size of an Indian mattress then you can also read another article about Indian mattress size.

Mattress Price

If you compare price with Sleepwell mattresses you find that SleepX provides the most affordable price range. When you look at the SleepX mattress price is totally budget-friendly.

SleepX Mattress price

  1. Dual Comfort Mattress:  View on Amazon
  2. Memory Foam Mattress:  View on Amazon


The SleepX gives you different warranties on all mattresses just like the Dual comfort mattress warranty is 7 years and the Memory foam mattress is 10 years.

Sleepwell Mattress

SleepX vs Sleepwell Mattress Comparison - Which is better?

Mattress features

  • Neem Fresche technology
  • Premium zipped cover
  • Superior air circulation
  • Warranty: 5 years warranty

Sleepwell is a very old company and has very good experience in making mattresses. Mattresses of this brand are bought and loved both in India and in other countries. Sleepwell always pushing the boundaries of technology and innovations to craft the best sleep solutions.

Type of mattress

The Sleepwell mattress has a lot of variety for different types of sleepers. So here is the top-rated mattress of Sleepwell brands to buy online.

Sleepwell Genx

This is a classic mattress in which you get a good amount of comfort and support. In this mattress, Sleepwell has used Neem Fresh Technology to protect you from all these dust miles.

Cocoon Feel Mattress

It’s like a dual comfort mattress but with a different design. In this mattress, both you and your partner can enjoy different comfort and support.

View Sleepwell Store for more mattresses

Mattress Design

Sleepwell has lots of mattress designs and every mattress comes with unique looks to decorate your bedroom as per choice. It has the maximum number of mattresses that are luxurious. And also available budget mattresses.

Features & Materials

Sleepwell mattress uses premium quality materials to make the most comfortable mattresses in India for every people. It has many feature options in every mattress. So the features of Sleepwell GenX are mentioned below.

Sleepwell Genx Layers

The mattress is also good for sleeping and you will get limited features in this. If you want a higher features mattress then you need to buy an expensive mattress from Sleepwell.

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Mattress Size

Sleepwell has all bed mattress sizes to buy online or offline stores. For some time you get difficulty finding your bed size mattress in Online stores.

And If you would like more information on mattress sizes, read this Indian mattress size.

Sleepwell Mattress Price


  1. Sleepwell Cocoon Feel Mattress: View on Amazon


The Sleepwell GenX mattress warranty is 5 years. And the duration of the warranty is specific to the product and the model. The duration is mentioned on the respective product pages of each mattress.

Our Conclusion

A SleepX mattress is a good choice for everyone because you’ll have all the best features and quality at an affordable price.

So don’t think to invest in buying an expensive mattress if your budget allows you, then go for Sleepwell’s premium mattress.

I hope you like found helpful information on this site. If you have any queries you can ask by comment.

Thank you for reading this article

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